"My name is. N. K. Venkat.

    I am a resident of Pune. I am 80 years old . I am a Diabetic patient for the last 25 years. I am also suffering from Neuropathy and Parkinson’s decease for the last five years.

    I was detected to have Cataract on both my eyes about three years back. I was having blurred vision and day by day it was getting worse.

    I was scared to get operated because of my advanced age and other factors. I consulted Dr. Sangeeta Wagh who suggested me to go for the operation. My wife and brothers encouraged me to go ahead.

    I was operated about two months back on both my eyes with an interval of two weeks and the operation was a success.

    I can now see things clearly and the images are sharp.
    Thanks to Dr. Sangeeta Wagh.
    She really brought me out from DARKNESS TO BRIGHTNESS."

    N. K. Venkat
  • My Experience with Karetoconus.

    "It all started in 1991 when i was not seeing PROPERLY, i felt the letters on the Blackboard were stretched out at the corners and my performance at the studies started decreasinng in subjects which asked for dependance on the Blackboard,
    Considering i lived in a small town and the best treatment at that point of time was not able to correct my vision , i relied on Spectacles for a long time until 1998 when My local doctor advised i can try out Contact Lenses. I started using Soft Lenses but the poking feeling with soft lenses always stayed and there were issues with the Sharpness of Vision.

    In the mean time My Doctor spoke of me having "KERATOCONUS" and suggested i see a doctor in Bangalore who specialized in Cornea.

    Well it was a shocker for me considering the fact that i was the only person in my extended family wearing Glasses, My Grandmother at that point who was in her 70's had a decent sight, after her Cataract surgery...

    I was TROUBLED on what had descended upon me, I ended up meeting a Cornea specialist who specialised in Rigid Gas Permeable lenses based on the Changing Cone of mine,

    I ended up with changing 5 pairs of lenses in 4 years, but was the vision good???? I should say yes, Vision was good during the inital fitment of the Lens and it would become uncomfortable to wear the lens after a couple of months, i would end up in the Doctors Clinic for the measurements for new lenses and this went on until 2007,

    by the end of 2006 i was having trouble with my Right Lens, it was kind of impossible to wear lens in the Right Eye.

    I had read of C3R treatment being done in the US and UK but was not sure of the facilities in India,

    As Life took me from one place to another,by the middle of 2007 I ended up in Pune, with a new Job and a very bad Right Eye which was not able to support a RGP Lens for more than a few hours, and the address of Dr Sangeeta Wagh.
    Initially there was prospect of using Piggy back lenses and RoseK lenses, and for my Right Eye, there was not much of benefit from any of these.

    She suggested a procedure called C3R - Cornear Collagen Crosslinking (For more details of the procedure please browse through internet), By the end of 2007 i was ready for my C3R Procedure along with a possiblity of wearing Schleral Lenses (or Boston Lenses).

    I had tried the Boston Lenses and the feel of the Lens and quality of vision was excellent, but it came at a very high cost, not wanting to risk any further change in the Cone Dr Wagh suggested C3R before i order for Boston Lenses in the December of 2007 i underwent the procedure on my Right Eye.

    It was a saturday, The Procedure lasted 15 mins and i could go home on the same day, The recovery from the irritation and pain took 2 days, well i ended up in the office by Monday.

    The C3R for my left eye happened after a 3 Month gap somewhere in March of 2008,
    I started using Boston Lenses after C3R and after an initial struggle with removing and wearing the lenses i got into a groove and considering the fact that i was travelling all over india (My job took me to many places) i never faced any trouble with the lenses or vision for 3 years after the procedure.

    In the mean while during my regular checkup with Dr Wagh she suggested a new procedure called ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) wherin a lens is permanently inserted in front of the natural lens of the eye and result in a very good vision without contact lenses or spectacles,

    Beyond this i always felt a lack in myself ( wake up in the morning , just not able to see what time it is on the wall clock is a real painful experience)

    I decided to go ahead with an ICL procedure, there is a small procedure called Iridotomy done before two weeks to the actual ICL Procedure which is creating puncture like holes in the Iris, which is to facilitate the easy flow of the ocular fluid after the ICL,

    ICL takes about 15 Mins , where in a small incision is made through one side of the cornea and a foldable lens is inserted in front of the natural lens of the eye, after the procedure one can go home on the same day,
    care should be taken on any possible infections and possible high pressures of eye, regular followup for one week post ICL.

    It has been close to three months since my ICL now and i was informed earlier that the i may have to use either Soft lenses or Spectacles for a 6/6 vision, although i have not opted for the contact lenses yet, Am i satisfied with what i see now after the ICL,

    Well the answer is a BIG YES :)
    A Big heartfelt Thank you to Dr Wagh and her team who assist her during the surgery (Madhuri Madam is very helping at times when you are nervous during the surgery) and Dr Wagh is always cool and comfortable with the situations under control."
    Cheers to Life ,

    R R



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