Collagen Crosslinking ( C3R, UVX)

This is a nonsurgical treatment used to stop the worsening of keratoconus.

Collagen crosslinking enhances corneal collagen crosslinking thus preventing / reducing further ectasia. It helps to strengthen the otherwise weak cornea, which would otherwise become more irregular and cause distors of worsening i.e. rapidly changing keratoconus.


  1. Progressive keratoconus with corneal thickness (pachymetry) > 400 micron.
  2. Post Lasik corneal ectasia, pachmetry > 400 micron.
  3. Early pellucid degeneration.

Surgical Procedure:

  • It is painless, out patient procedure i.e. no admission required
  • It is done under topical anesthesia (drops only no Injection.)
  • In this procedure anterior most layer of cornea (surface layer or epithelium) is scratched / roughened in central 8 mm, and Riboflavin (vitB2) eye drops are instilled at every 5 min intervals for 25-30 minutes. Followed by UVA rays application on same area for next 30 minutes and applications of Riboflavin drops is continued.
  • Eye is patched for 24-48 hours.
  • As the beam is focused at 300 mm. It does not cause any damage to deep structure of eye.
  • Oral painkillers are given for one or two days

Post Operative Care

  • 4-5 days rest in recommended.
  • Eye drops are given for 2-4 weeks.
  • For first 48 hours is it advisable not to put any water in the eye as surface epithelium takes 48 hours to heal.
  • After a month of operation if required final lens fitting can be done.
  • 3 monthly follow up is advised to note progression. 


Collagen crosslinking has been found to stop the worsening in 90 - 95 % patient. It is also found to reduce the irregularity (astigmatism) of the cornea. It improved the best-corrected vision and improvement contact lens fitting.

This procedure is being performed at our clinic since December 2007. Once 70 patients have been filled successfully with contact lenses. One of the patient required to undergo corneal transplant surgery.


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